Board Meeting Minutes August 2014

Epiphyllum Society of America

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Los Angeles County Arboretum, Bamboo room

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 @ 7 pm


Present: Keith Ballard, Marrie Caldiero, Geneva Coats, Ken Hanke, Robert Kuettle, Jim Nones, Maria Schmidt.


Absent: Ed Beardsley, Mary Beardsley, Dick Kohlschreiber, Galen Pittman, Paul Richter.


The meeting was called to order at 7:29 pm by Vice President Robert Kuettle. Minutes of the July 29, 2014 meeting were not available. Mrs. Coats was appointed acting Recording Secretary for the meeting.


President's Report - Galen Pittman



Vice President's Report - Robert Kuettle

Pentico report – have mixed up new batch of soil and been busy with potting, alphabetizing, and selecting stock.


Corresponding Secretary's Report - Maria Schmidt

Nothing to report.


Membership/Treasurer's report - Geneva Coats

See attached income/expense sheets. I have opened a new business account with Wells Fargo. Mr. Kuettle is also an authorized signer on the account. A third person would be desirable to add to the account. I opened a new Paypal account using the email, and that is connected with the new bank account. We've had a hew member use it already to join and buy a Registry.




501c3 nonprofit status

Our nonprofit status has been approved by the IRS! Our attorney now is coordinating with the State for our CA nonprofit status.



Our new site is up and running! David Kocot has allowed us to use his server at for free. Geneva is still learning how to edit the site which uses a Drupal Content Management System and would like to get those interested in the day-to-day operation of the website together for a meeting. Ideally we would have David there to answer our questions and help us.

The “members only” function is working and we have had about a dozen members sign up for an account so far. We can post copies of the Bulletin in the “Members Only” section and maybe include some of the digital library items there as well. That will be a nice perk, for members to be able to go in and browse through old Bulletins, catalogs, articles etc.


Online Newsletter/Bulletin

Mr. Kuettle will investigate pricing for a design of a template for the digital “Bulletin”. A motion was made that Mr. Kuettle proceed with securing someone to do this redesign as long as the cost will not exceed $400. The motion carried unanimously.


IPAD or Notebook for sales and inventory

New database program to be used for the Registry as well as for Pentico inventory. Robert is looking into using Filemaker Pro in addition to an IPAD or other inventory system.


Budget for 2015

Please notify the treasurer if you anticipate needing funding in 2015, and the approximate amount. Would like to have the budget for 2015 completed by next meeting.





September is the hybridizer showcase and silent auction. Note, we have new bid sheets.

Mr. Nones will ask Ken Loomis to present his latest slide show at the September meeting. Ideas for upcoming meetings include presentations by “Mr. Fertilizer”, programs about Frank Sibyl and Ulanas, “Lost Epis”, Carnivorous plants, bromeliads, and a product presentation by Gro Power.


ESA 75th Anniversary celebration

Report from Jim Nones. Needs help researching for presentations for the year-long celebration.


75th Anniversary show committee, Annual Show and Sale May 17, 2015

Geneva and Marrie agreed handle. Rules revision, trophies, ribbons, hospitality, judging, clerking, theme/logo, advetising, setup, sales, historical slide show etc.


Holiday Party December 2, 2014

The Monrovian Family Restaurant has been booked. The board voted for choice of Salmon, Chicken or vegetarian entrees. Prices have gone up quite a bit. The board voted to increase the cost for the dinner to $25 per person. Pianist Tommy Dodson has been booked. Will need to consider Founder's Award and Alice Buchanan awards.


Request from member to sell cuttings online

Request considered but will need to check state or federal agriculture regulations before proceeding.


Next meeting

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 7 pm at Los Angeles Arboretum, Bamboo Room.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm




Geneva Coats

Acting Recording Secretary

Approved September 30, 2014