Welcome to the Epiphyllum Society of America! We are an international group of hobbyists who grow and enjoy epiphytic cactus hybrids, commonly known as "epiphyllums," "orchid cacti," or "jungle cacti." We promote cultivation of Epiphyllums and other epiphytic cactus species, and provided support and education to growers. ESA administers the International Registry for hybrids and species of the Tribe Hylocereeae.

The ESA is incorporated in the State of California and is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

ESA Members can access the "Members Only" pages of this website where you will find Bulletins, the Roster and other informative content exclusive to ESA members. Please use the "contact" page to request  us to set up your account..You must pay dues and be a member in good standing of the ESA to enjoy a website account. See the "Membership" section for details regarding how to join the ESA.

Interested in learning more about these fabulous flowers? Explore our website, and join us as a member of the Epiphyllum Society of America!

Please address all correspondence to:
Geneva Coats
ESA Treasurer/Membership Chair
13674 Geranium St.
Chino CA 91710