Founder's Award



Richard Chadwick - Hybridizer.

Phyllis Flechsig - Hybridizer.

George French - Hybridizer Emeritus.

Gray/Davis Nursery - Has, over the years, donated to the ESA many hundreds of cuttings.

Grimshaw's Epi Time Nursery.

Haage Nursery - Oldest Cactus Nursery in Europe.

Edward Jagieski - Hybridizer, and is accepting the Award for the Beahm Nursery

Myron Kimnach - Epicactus expert, writer of Species section for the ESA Registry and Director Emeritus of the Huntington Gardens.

Dr. R.W. Kohlschreiber - Chair ESA Research Committee, ESA Directory Registrar, Founder of the SBES.

Helmut Paetzold - A Very Active German Hybridizer Emeritus.

Rainbow Gardens - Has, over the years, donated to the ESA many hundreds of cuttings.


Wressy Cocke – Hybridizer Emeritus.

Hurst Nursery - Has, over the years, donated to the ESA many hundreds of cuttings.

California Epi Center.


Bob & Betty Berg – Betty was Historian, and Membership Secretary; a position she held for 12 years. Bob was Membership Secretary, past President, Bulletin Editor including the wonderful and informative special ESA 50th Anniversary Edition of the Bulletin, hybridizer Emeritus.

Velma Featherstone – Past ESA President, past ESA Bulletin Editor; having the 2 nd longest tenure as Editor at the time, Hybridizer and Registrant for a number of Hybridizers including all of Ernest Schwemmer’s originations. Emeritus.

Eckhard Meier – German Hybridizer, co started the 1st and 2nd German Epi Societies, copious writer of epicactus articles, having had published not less than 172.


San Diego Epi Society.


Galen Pittman – Hybridizer, Registrant, ESA President, Show Chair, Source of epi information. Galen’s ability to Identify an epi (and in most cases) parentage on sight was truly amazing. Emeritus.

Evelyn Shiraki & Darryl Miyamoto – Hybridizers. The epi hybrids originations of these 2 are legendary and always in great demand and often are judged best seedling at the Annual Show. However, cutting are always donated to individuals, epi societies or nurseries, never sold.


Dr. Ralf Bauer - Known for his knowledge of the epiphytic cactus species. Written numerous articles on epiphytic cacti and was responsible for most of the technical descriptions for the epiphytic cactus species in “The New Cactus Lexicon”. Ralf has gone on several plant expeditions to Latin America and on a trip to Colombia he found a new Epiphyllum that Dr. Rudi Dorsch described in “Haseltonia” in 2003 and named it Epiphyllum baueri in honor of Dr. Bauer.

Ed Beardsley – Hybridizer, past ESA President, Was a large part of the founding and building of Pentico Collection, and the epi display at the Arboretum. His current job is co-curator of the Pentico current job is co-curator of the Pentico Memorial Collection, where He works at least weekly.


Dr. Rudi Dorsch – Epiphytic Cactus Expert, Collector and Lecturer. Has taken field trips searching for new & unknown species. Is also a Medical Doctor.

Keith & Pat Ballard - Volunteer frequently for ESA functions and done much administrative work for the ESA. In addition, Pat is a past Membership Secretary & Treasurer. Keith is a past Vice President & past President, past Annual Show Chair and the current ESA Bulletin Editor.


Prof. Dr. Johen Bockemiihl – Hybridizer, has been the Director of the German speaking epi society EPIG for 25 years.


Vera Ward – Hybridizer, one of the founders of the SFES, an officer of the SFES since the start. She volunteers for both the Society and for Strybing Arboretum, (the San Francisco location where the Society meets) both as a docent and as head of the epi department in the nursery section of the Arboretum. Behind her able leadership, the Arboretum has established quite an extensive collection of epicactus hybrids, schlumbergera, and epiphyllum species for propagation and for sale.

Mike Davis - Hybridizer, President of SFES. His shade house is a work of art, as are his front and back gardens. Has been collecting epies for 20 years, and now has around 400. But his gardens are not limited to epi hybrids, also having Schlumbergers, Cymbidiums, Bonsal, Begonias just to name a few.


Rudolf Hessing – Hybridizer, received 1st epi at 17. 1st interested in large plants but soon realized he didn’t have room, switched to hybridizing small epies. Has hybridized a series of epies, that at least one will flower every month of the year. Has come from home in Germany to speak at 2 different EPICONs.


Don Patterson – Hybridizer


Derek Obayshai – Hybridizer