Board Meeting Minutes October 2014

Epiphyllum Society of America

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Los Angeles County Arboretum, Bamboo room

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

PRESENT: : Keith Ballard, Ed Beardsley, Marrie Caldiero, Geneva Coats, Ken Hanke, Robert Kuettle, Jim Nones, Paul Richter, Maria Schmidt.

ABSENT: Mary Beardsley, Dick Kohlschreiber, Galen Pittman

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm by Vice President Mr. Kuettle. Mrs. Coats was appointed acting Recording Secretary for the meeting. Minutes of the September 30, 2014 meeting were not available.

President's Report - Galen Pittman


Vice President's Report - Robert Kuettle

Thank you all for coming tonight, we have some details to consider on the Bulletin and website.

Corresponding Secretary's Report - Maria Schmidt

Nothing to Report.

Membership/Treasurer's report - Geneva Coats

Updated membership information for the month....copy to Bulletin editor

YTD Treasury activity for 2014

Income 32970.89

Expenses 33670.37

Net for 2014 -699.48

Current bank balance = 47,221.28


501c3 nonprofit status

We are incorporated in the State of California, approved by IRS as a 510(c)(3) public charity, and have now received official California nonprofit status.


Design/Logistics for next issue. Would like to do a postal mailing and a test of the E-Bulletin simultaneously for the Winter issue. Increasing content...will include a list of new members for 2014 along with an article featuring letters to the ESA. Deadline for submissions for Winter Bulletin is November 15th. Printing prices being researched by Mr. Kuettle.


Popups are appearing intermittently with access of the photo section on the website; site disabled temporarily until FastQ can fix it.

New site now also in use. Robert, Geneva and Paul met with David Kocot to review options for moving forward with theme, online epi encyclopedia etc. David will continue to provide services as needed on a contract basis. Most of the data can be input by our volunteer team, we will only need programming help at times for new content types, etc.

Will reactivate the older website to test for malware appearing. If still a problem will add picture folder to the newer website, moving the photos from the old site until the newer online encyclopedia is up and running.

Digital Library

Mr. Kuettle is scanning old Bulletins to be uploaded to the new website.

EOY Business meeting (AKA holiday gathering)

Have received about half of the necessary 50 reservations.

75th Anniversary show

Theme, Program, review of rules, supplies needed etc. were discussed. For further discussion.

75th anniversary year-long celebration

May need a new venue for the 75th anniversary luncheon planned by Mr. Nones. Board members will research some new sites.




November – slide show of new registrations to be presented by Mr. Kuettle.

Founders Award

The Founders' Award was established in 2005 by the ESA Board in conjunction on the 65th Anniversary Celebration. It is given out annually during the Holiday Party in December.
 The purpose is to recognize, acknowledge, and honor men, women, hybridizers, nurseries, garden societies, writers, etc. for their achievement, service and contributions regarding epiphyllums and/or epiphytic cacti. Not only for making a difference in the community that they live in, but whose accomplishments reverberate throughout the epiphyllum world either nationally or internationally.


Joyce Carr, (Deceased) Australia: Only person to hybridize, epies, apporacactus, and Christmas cactus . Daughter to accept award if selected

Mitsuhashi Nursery, Japan: One of the largest nurseries in Japan of epiphytic cacti for over 25 years. Hybridizer of Sakurahimi, Chiba Lovely Dawn, Publisher of numerous epi books.

EPIG, Germany: Since 1988 over 150 international members, covering epiphytic cacti interest. publishes a magazine 3 time a year.

Don Burnett: hybridizer 1998, Oberon, Mariah, King Arthur.

Jerry Mattijetz: hybridizer 1982 Jungle Red, Queen of CA, Neon Smile, Dragon Heart

San Francisco Epiphyllum Society: Founded over 20 years ago. Prime source of epies information and sales in Northern CA.

Jerry Moreau: San Diego past President of SDES, Director of Epi Collection at Safari Park.

Rudolf Hessing, Germany: Hybridizer for over 20 years. Very scientifically approaches to hybridizing small epies.

Don Patterson, hybridizer: 1993 Mr. P, Ninja, Smarty Pants, Lily Dache

Safari Park, formerly Wild Animal Park: Showcase a collection of epiphyllum and other related epiphytic cacti.

Derek Obayashi: hybridizer for over 20 years

Cactus Succulent Society of America: Founded in 1929, by Scott Haselton with over 60 affiliates throughout the world.

The Bruntons, New Zealand: Kiwi hybridizers

Ballots for the award were provided to the board, to be tabulated by Mr. Nones. The award will be presented at the end-of-year Holiday meeting.


With new calendar year system, plan to finalize the roster by Feb. 1. Plan to mail roster to postal members and put a copy on the website accessible to all Members to download and print.

Addendum 2014

Addendum is completed and ready to include with the winter Bulletin.

Next meeting

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday November 18, 2014, at 7:30 pm at Los Angeles Arboretum, Bamboo Room.

Upon a motion made by Mr. Ballard and seconded by Mrs. Coats,the meeting was adjourned at 8:44 pm.






Geneva Coats

Acting Recording Secretary

Approved November 18, 2014