Cultural Information

Starting a plant from a cutting

"Epies" are easily grown from cuttings. Just follow these simple steps-

1. Obtain a cutting approximately 6-8 inches long. If desired, apply root promoting hormone to the end to be planted. 

2. Cure the cutting in a cool, dry, dark place for at least ten days to let a callus form over the cut.

3. Use a relatively small pot, no larger than 4 inches across. Epies like to be slightly rootbound. 

4. When planting, hold the cutting in the empty pot with two or more areoles below the soil line. Add potting mix around the cutting till the cutting can stand on its own. Do not compress the mix.

5. WITHHOLD WATER for two weeks. (Optional - mist the cutting every few days. Don't soak the soil.) Once the cutting begins to root and shows some new growth, begin to water. From then on, never let the mix become bone dry. Let water run out of the drain holes every time you water. Continue misting, if you choose. Though epies are members of the cactus family, their needs differ from those of desert cacti


Cultural instructions for epiphyllums

  • LIGHT- No direct midday sun. 75% shade is preferable. Early morning or late afternoon sun is okay.
  • COLD - Protect epies from frost.
  • SOIL- Loose, fast draining & slightly acid, with 1/3 coarse material to resist compacting.
  • WATER- Keep roots slightly moist but never soggy.
  • FERTILIZER - Avoid high nitrogen fertilizer. Use balanced plant food, (10-10-10), at half strength, monthly, beginning in June, or in June only if using time release type. In November use 0-10-10 to harden new growth, and again in February to stimulate budding. Do not fertilize in Winter.
  • FLOWERS bloom in a year or two, usually February through June for most varieties.
  • LABEL cuttings by name. Put a name tag in your epi's pot so you'll know its name years from now.
  • For more extensive culture information, see "Culture Tips", which are keyed to the season, in the Bulletin (the quarterly newsletter of the ESA).