About the Registry

The Registry of Hybrids and Species

The ESA is the International Registration Authority for Epiphyllum Hybrids and Species of the tribe Hylocereeae. We publish a printed directory known as the "Registry of Hybrids and Species". The Registry lists all registered hybrids, and includes written descriptions of the flowers, the name of the hybridizer and the registrant. No photographs are included.

About Registration of Cultivars

To produce a genetic duplicate plant it is necessary to propagate that plant by cuttings. However, in order to create new varieties or cultivars, we must grow them from seed. There are literally thousands of new epiphyllum varieties created each year from seed by hybridizers. A few cultivars are outstanding enough that other people will desire to grow them in their collection and perhaps even use these cultivars for future hybridizing. These noteworthy varieties are the plants that should be named and registered with the ESA.

What makes an epiphyllum variety "noteworthy?”?

  • The flower is DISTINCTIVE: it has unusual color, form or other characteristc from what is already available.
  • It is available in general circulation.
  • It is easy to grow and flower on its own roots (i.e. without being grafted)
  • It has clean, strong growth which does not easily “spot” and forms strong roots that are not prone to rot.
  • The blooms will be used for exhibition in flower shows.


If your new epiphyllum hybrid is distinctive and available to other growers, we urge you to name and register your plant with the ESA. There is a fee of $10.00 per registration ($5.00 for ESA members). A copy of the registration form may be downloaded here. For further information, please contact the registrars: registrar@epiphyllums.org