2022 July

Epiphyllum Society of America

Executive Board Conference Call Meeting MINUTES

Sunday July 31, 2022 @ 6:00 pm PT


Present: Jeff Bates, Geneva Bridges, Ken Hanke, Jim Nones, Chris Welcher.

Absent: Eddie Huey, Janet Lai, Gumbii Garcia

Guests of the Board present: Kathryn Crawford, Charleen Rice


The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm PDST by President Jeff Bates. Secretary Gumbii Garcia was unable to attend. Geneva Bridges volunteered to serve as Recording Secretary for the meeting and was so appointed by the Board.


MINUTES from the June 2022 Board meeting were not available.



President (Jeffrey Bates): No report


Treasurer (Geneva Bridges):



  • Fern Society Show/Sale, June 11  

Cash=830 Credit=875.27 Total gross=1705.27

June 12   

Cash=170  Credit=22.05  Total gross=192.05

Total gross sales for event=1897.32

Sales tax Arcadia 10.25%=176.39

Net sales=1720.93

fee for LAAS=205.85

Booth rental=175

food for volunteers=69.42

square fees=24.81

Net profit for event=1245.85


  • 2022 Annual show/sale
    • Cash=2802.80
    • Credit=2775.00
    • Gross=5577.80
    • arboretum fee=762.10
    • sales tax 10.25%=511.47
    • square fees=76.35
    • food=468.14
    • trophies=848.95
    • Volunteer Thank you Starbucks=207.40


  • Net profit from annual show=$2627.04


ESA’s bank balance is $73,285.54

  • I have invoices from Ken outstanding:
  • $4704.00 for storage locker from 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • $812.29 miscellaneous expenses also dating back to 2020.
  • Total of $5516.29 expenses outstanding



We have 7 new members this month who joined via our website link

We have 365 members. Only 276 are active. I am in the process of removing inactives from the roster. 



Geneva Bridges made a motion that all receipts for reimbursement must be mailed to the Treasurer within 90 days of incurring the expense. Seconded by Chris Welcher. The motion was approved unanimously. 



Geneva will follow up with South Coast Botanic Gardens to see if we can hold our show there in 2023. Will also follow up with the Huntington. Descanso Gardens cannot accommodate us. Looking for more suggestions for a venue.


  • Newsletter: (Cielo (Sky) Esquival) No report. July newsletter with August general meeting invitation has been emailed to the membership.
  • Correspondence: (Michal McKee): no report
  • Programs (Jim Nones):
    • Terrariums and Begonias (August) presented by Al Palacios
    • Annual potluck dinner and Silent auction (September)
    • Dragonfruit (October)
    • Jim reports that he will setup a display for ESA at the Inter City Cactus and Succulent Society show next week at the LA Arboretum.


  • ESA Registration Committee (Eddie Huey/Beth Jackson/Kat Crawford):
    •  Kat reports that a committee meeting will occur in early August 2022 to address the completion of the 2021 addendum to the Registry.


  • The Bulletin ( Kat Crawford):
    • Kat reports that she plans to get Bulletin out soon using some articles from years gone by that haven’t been seen in quite some time. Char Rice volunteered to assist with layout of Bulletin as she has done in the past. Jeff will arrange for a committee meeting as soon as possible.
  • Pentico (Gumbii Garcia, Ken Hanke, Chris Welcher):
    • See detailed plan below under New Business for extensive renovations as submitted by Chris Welcher

Unfinished Business: 

  •  Epicon. A MOTION was made by Chris Welcher, seconded by Jim Nones, that ESA will not host Epicon in 2023 and will defer to SDES should they wish to host the event. The motion was approved unanimously.
  •  Annual show and sale 2023. Need a show chairman. VENUE for 2023 urgently needs to be addressed. Geneva will follow up with Stephanie Yinger at South Coast Botanic Gardens to see if the date can be arranged.
  • ESA storage locker in Arcadia: inventory of contents to be completed asap to determine need to continue with this expenditure. Ken will replace lock before the next meeting and if unable to store contents elsewhere will need to transfer ownership of storage locker from Ken to the ESA.



New Business:



  • Last week Chris Welcher sent Board members his detailed plans for renovations to the Pentico. See plan below and further details appended to these minutes.
  • A MOTION was made by Geneva Bridges, seconded by Jeff Bates to approve and fund the plan for Pentico renovations as submitted by Chris Welcher. The motion was approved unanimously. See details below and appended to the minutes.
  • 1. Clean in & around shade house (Removal of all non-essential items)
  • 2. Elimination of outside shade structures
  • 3. Replace shade netting
  • 4. Complete redesign of interior
  • 5. Mix new soil
  • 6. Purchase Nutricote slow-release fertilizer (6 month)
  • 7. Order pots (Must maintain consistent pot size throughout collection)
  • 8. Re-pot all plants
  • 9. Set uniform inventory system
  • 10. Take inventory
  • 11. Set uniform color code system for plant ID & bloom verification
  • 12. Set uniform guidelines for care of plants
  • 13. Employ signage for upkeep and maintenance tracking purposes
  • 14. Reduce overall plant count
  • 14a. Remove 'NOIDS' & unhealthy plants
  • 14b. Combine multiple pots of same variety into one
  • 14c. Remove unneeded plant varieties
  • 14d. Reduce Rhipsalis plants to only rare & hard to find varieties
  • 15. Design and install watering system
  • 16. Establish consistent work parties for upkeep and care of plants
  • 17. Establish purpose of collection & set guidelines for maintaining that purpose
  • 18. Maintain a consistent plant rotation for Arboretum display area
  • 19. Create signage for display area (For informative & advertising purposes)
  • 20. Collaborate with Arboretum on new displays



  • A special meeting shall be called for the purpose of Board and committee positions for the 2023 term. Further discussion and setting of date tabled until the August scheduled Board meeting.



The next board meeting will be held Sunday, August 28, 2022.


Upon a motion made by Geneva Bridges, seconded by  Ken Hanke, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM PDST.




Geneva Bridges

Acting ESA Recording Secretary




August 28, 2022