General Membership Meeting

November General Meeting

Do you have virus?
Spots spotted on your Epi? Strange discoloration? There could be reasons for that.
Have you ever thought about viruses?

There is little knowledge about viruses on Epicactus.
We at Kakteen-Haage wanted to find out more about it - for us - and all Epi-friends..

Are there viruses in Epicactus?
Prof. Dr. Maiss and co-workers from Leibnitz University Hannover discovered an unknown virus. Together with scientists from the IGZ Kühnhausen, we researched to protect our plants in to the future.
Curious? More about this in the lecture at the ESA meeting..

Presentation prepared by Ulrich Haage - Kakteen-Haage

Presented by Keith Ballard.

Los Angeles Arboretum

301 N Baldwin Ave

Arcadia Ca 

7:30-9:00 pm

Free parking and admission. Refreshments provided.

New members and first time attendees receive a free rooted cutting