September Auction/Potluck Dinner

Join us in spacious Ayres Hall for this much-anticipated annual event! Bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to share. Donations of plants and cuttings for the auction are appreciated. Members will enjoy bidding on a wide selection of items. Cash, checks, credit cards and epi bucks are accepted for payment. You can download the form for auction donations here. Epi bucks credits will be awarded to donors for their donated items. The credits may be used in the future, and will not exceed the winning bid price for the item. 

Be one of the 1st to obtain the latest hybrids from Evelyn Shiraki, Darryl Miyamoto, Rudolf Hessing, Don Burnett, The Bruntons, Jim Nones, Paul Richter, Richard Klug, Don Patterson, Derek Obayashi, Fred Stegner, Tom Moore, Marc Piette, and Gary Brandfellner.  Most these cuttings and plants are not widely circulated, even among epi collectiors, and not found on ebay or facebook. Most of these hybridizers will be there to answers your questions.   

Besides these premium epies, there will be other plants such as different varieties of sweet dragon fruit.  Definitely not the ones you find at your local super market.  If we're lucky some members might have some dragon fruit for us to taste.   Trichocereus, echinopsis cacti, succulents, and many other exotic plants that our members and friends grown in their garden will be available for bidding.  If you have plants you wish to donate to the silent auction, please contact Jim 818.284.1199.   The auction bid sheet is available on our website to download.

 It will be an evening of fun and enjoyment evening for all. Everyone is welcome.  Please bring a dish that would serve at least 6 people. Please note that we will start at 7 PM in Ayres Hall instead of the Bamboo Room. It will give us more time to eat, catch up with friends, and make new ones.