General Membership Meeting

August General Membership Meeting

Tuesday August 2, 2016

7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Los Angeles County Arboretum

Bamboo Room

301 N. Baldwin Ave

Acadia, CA

Free parking and entry. Refreshments provided.

First-time visitors and new members receive a free rooted cutting.


Presented by Mike Moody

This month we will take a little break from epiphyllums and learn more about ferns from Michael Moody. He will talk about staghorn ferns and show us how to take one off and remount it. He will also talk about ferns in general and how to grow them, and show us some basket ferns also.

 Michael Moody has been collecting Ferns since 1981. He received a large amount of plants from a friend leaving the LA area, and most of them were ferns. He didn’t know anything about ferns at the time, but his brother was also growing them. His brother took him to the Los Angeles International Fern Society which is called LAIFS, and he was hooked on ferns. He has been collecting them ever since.

 Michael has been President of LAIFS the last five years. He has also served as Lending Librarian, Supply Store Clerk, and Show Chairman for four years. For the last several years he has done the LAIFS Show Raffle. He started this in 1982 and has kept it up. At the LA Arboretum he installed the water sprinkler system for the LAIFS growing area and Fern Garden.

 He loves setting up displays and landscaping for other plant lovers. He also does side jobs, and orders Shade Cloth and Shade Structures of any size.

 Michael belongs to several plant societies: Bromeliad Society International (3-Branches), American Begonia Society (2-Branchs), LAIFS, Southern California Horticultural Society, and San Diego Fern Society.