Board Meeting Minutes May 2015

Epiphyllum Society of America

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Los Angeles County Arboretum, Oak Room

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 @ 7:30 pm


PRESENT: Keith Ballard, Ed Beardsley, Marrie Caldiero, Geneva Coats, Ken Hanke, Robert Kuettle, Jim Nones, Paul Richter, Heather Sabin.


ABSENT: Mary Beardsley, Dick Kohlschreiber, Maria Schmidt


The meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm by Mr. Kuettle. Mrs. Coats was appointed Acting Recording Secretary. Upon a motion made by Mr. Ballard, seconded by Mr. Richter, the minutes of the April 2015 meeting were approved as amended.


President's Report - Robert Kuettle

Our show was successful, the Spring Bulletins are going out in the mail tomorrow.


Recording Secretary's Report – Mary Beardsley



Corresponding Secretary's Report - Maria Schmidt



Membership/Treasurer's report - Geneva Coats


Balance from April meeting: $40,109.81

Current balance: $51,041.84


Show income was approx. $6300

Will need to pay arboretum 15% or about $900 (haven't paid yet)

Have five new members, and all have been added to roster and sent a welcome letter.




Postal/EBulletin Winter and Spring 2015, pdfs in both low-res and high-res made available for the website. As soon as uploaded will send out link for members to access. Spring Bulletin going out to postal members tomorrow.



Winter and Spring Bulletins will be uploaded this week. 2015 Roster to go up on website, file will be uploaded by Mr. Kuettle.


75th anniversary year-long celebration

December 5 luncheon date has been reserved with Monrovian Restaurant by Mr. Nones. Program in progress.


Rolling Racks

Racks and aisle concerns to be discussed by Pentico committee.




New Board Member applicant

A motion was made by Mrs. Caldiero, seconded by Mr. Ballard, that Heather Sabin be added to the ESA Executive Board. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Galen Pittman award ideas

  • special annual hybridizer award
  • award associated with Epicon
  • Best Flower of annual show award
  • Best registration of the year
  • perpetual trophy vs. memorial
  • annual cash show award

for further discussion on the Board email list. Mr. Kuettle will also discuss with the Pittman family.


Headset Mike for Speakers

Mr. Ballard will research and obtain pricing estimates.


Laptop and Database Program

Mr. Kuettle will research and obtain pricing estimates.


Programs for 2015

June meeting....slideshow featuring George French. Annual Show Awards presentation

July meeting-open

August meeting-open

September meeting – auction and hybridizer showcase


Show items for 2016

  • Add to show rules: Entry card must be completely filled out to receive points. Delete the address section and use only names
  • Trophies......Pat Ballard plates
  • Need to purchase 6X12 Tablecloths, paint display boards and posts.
  • Posters for show depending on theme
  • Program-includes show rules, list of featured hybridizer's creations, application to join the ESA
  • Replace the information desk with Court of Honor
  • Consider Fiberglass or wire show grids? (lighter)
  • Re-evaluate the feasability of the over 12” award, smallest in show award. Have already eliminated Heritage award due to Heritage having its own class, smalls also have their own class. No entries in 2014 or 2015 were over 12”, may consider changing to best XL or eliminating.



Considering new logo. Please bring ideas to the next meeting.


Volunteer Appreciation Day

Mrs. Caldiero is looking at options including tour of Pasadena's Gamble House, picnic/box lunch, to be held either October 17 or October 24, 2015


ICRA Report for ISHS

Being prepared by Mr. Kohlschreiber. Mrs. Coats will mail copies of latest Register and Addendum to Dr Leslie at the ISHS this week.


Next meeting

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday June 30, 2015 @ 7:30 pm in the Los Angeles Arboretum OAK ROOM.


Items to add to June Agenda

Registration Form Revision

Welcome packet for new members


Upon a motion made by Mr. Richter, seconded by Mr. Ballard, the meeting was adjourned at 9:19 pm.




Geneva Coats

Acting ESA Recording Secretary

Approved (pending vote of Executive Board) June 30, 2015