Board Meeting Minutes April 2015

Epiphyllum Society of America

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Los Angeles County Arboretum, Oak Room

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 @ 7:30 pm


PRESENT: : Keith Ballard,Marrie Caldiero, Geneva Coats, Ken Hanke, Robert Kuettle, Jim Nones, Paul Richter, Maria Schmidt.


ABSENT: Ed Beardsley, Mary Beardsley, Dick Kohlschreiber


The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm by Mr. Kuettle. Minutes of the March 2015 meeting were not available. Mrs. Coats was appointed acting Recording Secretary by Mr. Kuettle.


President's Report - Robert Kuettle

Many items to discuss for the upcoming show this evening.


Recording Secretary's Report – Mary Beardsley



Corresponding Secretary's Report - Maria Schmidt

Birthday card was sent to Doris Pittman.


Membership/Treasurer's report - Geneva Coats

Treasury Summary for 2015 to date (and prior years) is appended. I've ordered new business cards, return address labels and membership flyers for the upcoming show.


Total income to date for 2015=$9412.80. Major income listed below


Registry sales=148.45

Green Scene sales=1902.18

Spring Garden Show sales=6010.22


Total expenses to date for 2015=$7892.93 Major expenses listed below



Pentico operations=1479.99

Show expenses=825.26

volunteer apprec.=238.33

Sale expenses=1338.68

Sales tax for 2014=1507

Office supplies=306.82







Spring Bulletin being proofread by Heather Sabin. To go out to the membership asap along with the roster. Winter and Spring Bulletin will be uploaded to website for access by members.


75th Anniversary show

Theme/logo-”Diamond Jubilee”

Decorations and show rules discussed. Mrs. Caldiero has designed a logo of epi inside a diamond and will order one or more posters for wall décor. Tribute to Galen Pittman to be displayed at entrance to show, Mr. Nones to assemble. Ribbons were ordered by Heather Sabin and arrived today. Mrs. Beth Jackson and Ms. Heather Sabin have agreed to handle clerking responsibilities. We will arrange for a panel of six judges divided into three teams. Mr. Kuettle willing to judge. Mr. Nones will contact Jose Salcedo regarding judging. Other judges to be arranges for asap. Food (outdoors? Ayres Hall under renovation, no kitchen facilities.) Mr. Hanke to follow up with plans for luncheon. Volunteer schedules for setup on Friday/Saturday and teardown on Monday being coordinated by Mrs. Caldiero. New entry cards have been ordered and should arrive before the general meeting next week. Mrs. Coats to review the show rules and will have show programs printed. New rulers have been bought for measuring entries along with hole punches to mark winning entry cards. Hooks to attach entry cards purchased.


75th anniversary year-long celebration

Mr. Nones has spoken with the staff at the Monrovian regarding a Saturday luncheon in December for a combined anniversary/holiday gathering.



To be completed for Spring Bulletin and on website. Mrs. Coats and Mr. Kuettle have received the membership program from Mr. Ballard and will cross-check records so that electronic and postal Bulletins can be distributed asap.



Mr. Kuettle notes that once the spring busy season is concluded and the system for posting the Bulletins and other content to the website has been completed, we will need to work more intensively on other features of the website. Need to perfect the process for uploading entries to the encyclopedic database. New registration photographs can be dealt with at that time.




Programs for 2015

May- show prep and “show and tell”. June-show awards along with “show and tell” Future show programs include Wressey Cocke, African violets. Mr. Fertilizer/Kellogs.


Rolling Racks

Mrs. Caldiero noted that Costco has available large rolling racks that may be useful for the Pentico and perhaps for shows/sales as well. Pentico staff will follow up.


Next meeting

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday May 26, 2015 @ 7:30 pm in the Los Angeles Arboretum OAK ROOM.


Upon a motion made by Mrs. Schmidt and seconded by Mrs. Coats, the meeting was adjourned at 8:43 pm.





Geneva Coats

Acting Recording Secretary

Approved May 26, 2015



ESA annual treasury summary




2015 YTD 4-28


checking account beginning balance





money market account beginning balance





total beginning balance






total yearly income












total yearly expenses






year end total






end of year checking balance






end of year money market balance






end of year total bank balance