Our annual show and sale is held in May at the Arboretum's Ayres Hall and is open to the public. In addition to plants and flowers, you can see floral arrangements and photography focused on epiphyllums.

For your convenience, dues for US members may be paid online via our Square Market store:

US members can also order a copy of the Registry using Square Market:

Members outside the USA can use Paypal for their dues.

If you wish to order a copy of the Registry and live outside the US, the cost is $30.00 for the printed copy, plus and additional $30.00 for shipping outside the US, for a total of $60.00. For dues plus a Registry being sent outside the US, your total cost is $80.00.  

Non-members outside the USA who wish to order a copy of the Registry using Paypal will owe $45.00 for the book plus $30.00 for postage outside the US, for a total price for nonmember outside the USA of $75.00

Please send your Paypal payment to Please remember to include your contact information including your name, address, telephone number and email address. Be sure to note what the funds are intended to cover; dues, a copy of the Registry, or both.Using the "friends and family" option is appreciated.

Unfortunately, the cost of postage alone to send a copy of the Registry overseas is more than $26.00 (it cost $27.85 to mail to New Zealand) to which we need to factor in the price of packing materials. We apologize to our overseas friends for how much they need to pay to get a printed copy of the Directory, however, we have no control over postal rates.