Alice Buchanan Service Award

Alice Buchanan Award History
The Award is given to those who have performed outstanding service to the Epiphyllum Society of America through contributing to the Society’s welfare or advancing its ideals and objectives. The Board did not mandate that the Alice Buchanan Award be given annually, but at the sole discretion of the ESA President.
Any ESA member may nominate someone for the Award at any time during the year. Nominations must be in writing and sent to the ESA President. The President can then select a recipient from the nominees; nominate someone of her or his own choosing; or not give the Award at all that year. (In the event that there is no President orActing President, the Board shall have sole authority for the selection)
There is a tradition of surprising the recipient with the honor at the annual Holiday dinner, which is why nominations are not revealed in advance. In fact, at present, the President is not required to inform even the Board of Directors who has been nominated, nor who has been selected, presumably because the recipient may be a Board Member.
The award history is as follows: Alice Buchanan Award Recipients: 1982 – Ethel and Buddy Hurst 1983 – I.J. and Ethel Hughes 1984 –Velm Featherstone
1985 – Ken Bone
1986 – (not awarded)
1987 – Betty and Bob Berg
1988 – Charles and Eulah Hardy 1989 – R.0 Lassiter
1990 – Noel and Russell Bumdah 1991 – Tina Forgrave
1992 – (not awarded)
1993 – (not awarded)
1994 – Dr. R.W. Kohlschreiber 1995 – (not accepted)
1996 – William Andre
1997 – Edmund Beardsley
1998 – Donald E. Clinton
1999 – Jean Gray & Michele Davis 2000 – Galen Pittman
2001 – Raymond R. Eden Jr.
2002 – Peggy Oberg
2003 – Ed Imlay

2004 – Pat Ballard
2005 – L.A. County Arboretum and Botanic Garden 2006 – June Hughes
2007 – Keith Ballard
2008 – Loretta Garcia
2009 – Gail Grassi
2010 – Jim Nones
2011 – Ken Hanke
2012 – Fred Stegner
2013 – Mary Beardsley
2014 – Robert Kuettle
2015 – Marrie Caldiero
2016 – Geneva Coats
2017– Kathy Stiebel & Marie Schmidt

2018 - Ann Marie Rametta